eco living

If you are looking to transition into living in a more eco friendly way, then welcome to this artice.

You might want to go green to help the environment, cut your energy usage, or simply because you are realising that you use so much plastic and waste that could be avoided.

Moving towards an eco friendly way of living is actually much easier than you might think.

We put together a few tips to get you moving on your eco journey, so whether you just want to make a few lifestyle changes, or you are going for full green living, we want to help you.

The first thing on our list is electricity. We all know that every appliance you leave on unnecessarily is energy being wasted. This includes lights, computers, and TVs. Even just having them on standby isn’t enough, you must make sure that your devices are off and you will reduce your energy bill and save money.

Next tip is food waste. You probably don’t know that 7 million tonnes of food are wasted each year in the UK? It is a big problem for everyone, and we should all be playing our part by ensuring we are careful about how much food we are buying.

Our next tip follows on from this, and it is to get a compost heap going. If you do have a bit of food that is going to waste, do not throw it in the general waste. If you want to make a difference start composting your organic waste and you will reduce methane production which is good for the environment and you will have your own natural fertiliser.

Lastly, try to cut down on the amount of plastic you use. This one step is very important, as plastic is becoming a big problem, and we have to do something about it.