Is it possible to have an online parliament and what are its effects on our society and politics? Well, that is not as easy to answer as you might think.First of all, the Internet is not governed by laws like most countries. It is a global village where there are no rules.

Laws like the EU’s privacy laws do not apply online; there is no single law controlling what a citizen can do in an Internet forum or discussion area.

Setting Up An Online Parliament

So what happens when you set up an online Parliament? Well, the first thing you need to establish is whether the Internet is a democracy, as it was in the past.

What it means to be democratic is the rule of law, with equal representation for all; this is called common law. The second component is that everyone has the right to participate in decision making, regardless of gender, age, nationality, or background. Also, there must be some mechanism for accountability of the elected representatives, such as a legislature or an independent court.

Unfortunately, the Internet is not a democracy and many people do not think that it is. One reason could be that the Internet is dominated by large corporations who can afford to buy political influence, and who can use their power and money to have a voice on the Internet forums and discussion areas.

Making Online Parliaments Function

So, does having online parliaments in the form of forums or discussion areas have any effect on democracy in general and the European Union specifically? We are not experts, but we can say that this type of democracy is unlikely to take hold because of the way the Internet is governed in today’s world. effective? | democratic government} A democratic government is one that works to ensure that the interests of all citizens are met; one which makes sure that everyone has their say. We cannot necessarily expect the Internet to have this kind of quality; so, if we see online parliaments, what are we to make of them?

Well, there is one good thing about the online forum or discussion area: it can become a platform through which we get together and share our thoughts, and ideas. This is a platform in which we can interact and develop new relationships, and ideas that will help us work together as a whole, instead of being isolated and lonely in our separate parts of the globe.

Online Politics In The Future

So, even though the Internet has not yet developed into a fully functioning democracy, the online forum or discussion area can become an important space for citizens to discuss their concerns, views, experiences and opinions, and issues. So, whether we are discussing a specific issue or a broader question, we will have a space where we can share our views and ideas, where we can have a real conversation and start developing some good policy from it.