iGaming jobs

The industry is growing massively and there are now more iGaming jobs out there than ever. If you are already in this industry then you know how competitive it can be with a range of different countries out there. With the most popular locations for jobs in luxurious places such as Gibraltar or Malta (as well as the less glamorous but equally as charming, United Kingdom) there is something for everyone. Betting Jobs have emerged as one of the best companies in the industry. Starting off in a Glasgow bedroom fifteen years ago, they quickly grew and matured into the finest recruitment solution company in the business. Here is why you should know about them.

iGaming jobs

Their Reputation

From the humble beginnings of that bedroom in Glasgow, Scotland in 2003, Betting Jobs has now grown into one of the most respected companies in the industry. They initially started off as a job board for the online betting and gaming industry. This didn’t last long though. Growth was rapid for Betting Jobs and they speedily matured into the recruitment solution company for the industry that they are today. Described as an “essential component of the industries eco-system”, you can tell that this company can be trusted. Operations are still headquartered in their hometown of Glasgow, where they are centrally located in order to service the global marketplace. Helping people find jobs across Malta and more.

The Management Team

Having a trusted, experienced and knowledgeable management team is important in every type of business. You can be assured that is what you get with BettingJobs.com. They are industry recognised figures that are highly respected in what they do. With them being highly visible on the global conference circuit, it can be assured that they have built some great connections in order to help the business thrive.

Sharing their knowledge is something that is vital to the company. They share all their knowledge internally so that their team of consultants have the right tools to provide the industry with a professional and trusted service that is proven to work.

iGaming jobs

IGaming Jobs: Their Core Values

In order to gain such success and reputation across the industry. The management team came up with a set of core values that all their employees swear by. This helps develop a bond between employees, management and clients alike. Here are their values:

  • Trust – They believe in developing long-term relationships with clients, no matter where they go in the industry
  • Integrity – Always being honest and professional when they are doing business is critical to how they operate
  • Knowledgeable – Knowledge should always be shared throughout the business. Helping others improve is just as important as helping yourself
  • Communication – Being effective in verbal and written communication, as well as always being available to help
  • Reputation – Their stellar industry reputation comes from all these core values being combined.

BettingJobs.com is the perfect place in order to find your iGaming Jobs. Their reputation proceeds them with ties to the industry.