Workout routine

There is no one way to exercise. It is different for everyone. It is about finding the best workout routine that suits you and what you want to achieve. There is a rough guideline to try and exercise up to 20 minutes each day. A lot of us dread going to the gym and use time constrictions as an excuse. Here we look at ways you can get the most out of your workout routine and even start to enjoy it.

Make a plan and commit

Take your first fitness step and commit to the challenge. Start off by planning what days you can exercise and pick the best exercise that you will look forward to. Whether it be a gym class or a run. If you are planning on venturing to the gym then make sure you go with a plan of what you want to do there so you don’t aimlessly wonder around. Write a note of what equipment you will work on and for how long. This will maximise your workout and allow you to get the full benefit from your workout routine.


Stay on Schedule

Habits forms with commitment and strict time keeping. Work out when it is best for you to exercise whether that be morning, afternoon or evening. There is no definitive time that is best to exercise. It completely depends on the time that works best for you. Consistency is key when improving your workout routine. Try and prioritise your exercise and this will help form a healthy habit.

Keep Track

By keeping track of your progress it will help motivate you towards your next workout. If your routines are consistently the same you may find yourself losing the determination to continue. Write down your routines and count how many reps you’ve completed. Use this information to adapt your routine to best suit your workout regime.


Healthy Competition

We are creatures that thrive on competition. Research proves that we tend to work at our best when we are in competition with someone. So find a friend to join you in your workouts and see how some healthy competition can push you both to work your hardest. Be your own competition. Strive to beat your last running time or try and increase your reps. Even if we have upped our standards it doesn’t hurt to stay motivated


Walk about

If you are struggling to find the time for a full workout then try and fit in more walking. Instead of taking the lift try and take the stairs, get off the bus a couple of stops earlier or spend your lunch taking a 15 minute walk. Every step counts to a healthier lifestyle.