The recent elections in UK has seen an unprecedented social reform movement. There are many parties and groups, which have been formed as part of this movement, which have one common demand; ” Reform the law and social policy.” However, many people are divided between the conservative party and the liberal party. What all these parties want is to make social reform as their top agenda. All these parties have their own philosophy and want to implement that philosophy through laws. However, where is the common ground?

The Importance Of Social Reform

People think that there is social reform happening in UK only when the government makes new laws or social policies for the betterment of people’s lives. The reality is that in the UK, government plays a major role in all policies and laws implemented. And people are divided between the pro-business parties, who want to see the economy booming and expand, and the anti-austerity party, who want to see the economy collapsing.

A recent survey shows that the businesses in UK have broadly accepted the fact of recession and are now working hard to bounce back. The government should take steps to remove the obstacles faced by the British business. For instance, increase the corporate taxes and increase capital gains tax. This will ensure that businessmen will invest more in the UK economy and create more jobs.

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Why Are Reforms Being Implemented?

Some sectors are not happy with the current social environment. This is one reason why there are calls for change in law and legal policies. Some people feel that the law and social policies introduced by the government are not based on the need and reality of the times. For instance, there is no use of the living wage act as it does not help people to pay their rent.

Reform is necessary if people are to benefit from the laws of the country. There is a big divide between the pro-business wing and the social sector. This is because the former feel that the policies introduced by the government are based on free market principles. On the other hand, the social sector believes that these laws are made keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the people. This is the reason why the two camps have conflicting views over reforms.

Reforms are necessary for the country to retain its strong economic position. Moreover, it also provides employment for more people. However, this can be affected by various factors such as the global economic slowdown. Therefore, the government should focus on the national economic recovery before introducing new laws. The ruling party is also trying to introduce some policies for social investment. However, it is not clear how these plans will affect the working of the government or the business sector.