Computers and people speak different languages and they can’t always understand one another. Search Engine Optimisation steps in to help make it easier for both search engines and users to understand each other. This article will help you understand why SEO is the key to smarter digital marketing.

Why Your Company Should Be Using SEO

Low Cost, Great Results

SEO is an incredibly cheap form of marketing, and the results from it can be astonishing. Non-sponsored websites that are listed at the top of the search results will get more visitors than ones that are not ranked as highly.

low cost high reward with SEO


Increases traffic

By boosting the ranking of your organic listings you can improve the traffic to your site. With 60% of clicks going to the top result on Google this means that there’s only 40% left for all other sites, and if you are ranked at number 100, chances are you won’t be seeing many visitors. Even though SEO won’t happen overnight you could reap the rewards in a short space of time. SEO could see your site visits increase by thousands, and this number will only go up as your ranking does. An increase in traffic could also mean an increase in sales, so it’s a win-win.

search engine optimisation (SEO) increases traffic


Higher Brand Credibility/Trust

The higher the ranking of your website on Google, the more reputable the company. Google itself is a very well established company that people tend to trust, so if Google trusts your website so will consumers. Paying for ads to take you to the top of the results is all good and well, but once your time is up and the ad is gone you will still be in the same situation as you were before.

SEO improves consumer trust


Better ROI Than Other Advertisements

When you receive 1,000 visitors from a PPC ad an average of 2% of those visitors will turn into a sale, for SEO this figure doubles to 4% – plus you don’t need to pay for it!

There is such a difference in sales as consumers who find your company through SEO are specifically looking for a product or service by using a keyword. Ads can be seen by anyone and they may just not be interested.

 SEO offers better ROI

Access to Data

SEO gives you access to more important data than ever before. By looking at keyword data you can see what Google – and consumers – associate with keywords related to your business. It can also show you what keywords people are searching for and how competitive those keywords are. SEO could also be a good way to discover new products and expand your business.

SEO gives access to more data


Results Are Permeant

The effects of advertisements are short-term, when you stop paying for them they cease to exist. Whereas SEO is a more permanent solution.  Upkeep is required to stay in the number 1 spot, but once you secure the highest ranking it can be difficult for competitors to knock you off.

SEO is the future of digital marketing