Man from the labour agency giving a speech about government in the temporary showroom.

Improving communication amongst the general public can prove to be extremely important in order to improve the quality of information showcased online. In these modern times the quality of information flowing freely online has been severely impacted and far too many people can be led to believe information appears to be wholly inaccurate. Serviced apartments Glasgow can prove incredibly important in order to stop this from happening. People can often be susceptible to easily believing information proven over time to be wholly untrue. This demonstrates the unfortunate power which social media now has and people are now able to spread factually incorrect information and reach huge amounts of people.

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Huge amounts of people now use their social media following to try and spread their own propaganda. This can have a huge impact on the trustworthiness of social media information. Far too often people are incredibly biased with their posts on their social media platform. People can become extremely blindsided by their own political views and this may seriously blacken their viewpoints on certain issues. This can become so drastic that people can adapt the facts to suit their own political agenda. This proves why social media can be such a dangerous place with regards to believing the things which you read online.

Social Media Bias

Within news reporting bias can prove a crucial factor regarding the trustworthiness of information showcased on online platforms.. Too many people can become driven by social media as their main source of information. This can be an extremely risky strategy to adopt as people can be unable to distinguish between accurate and inaccurate information being demonstrated as circulating on social media. As a result, people can often be misled into believing something about a political movement or a person because of something that they have been exposed to on social media. This can result in people having opinions which are built upon false foundations which do not do justice do the true facts of the situation.


Ultimately, social media acts as a platform for people to showcase their opinions. The way that it is utilised as a fact sharing website sets a very dangerous precedent for society as a whole. People being able to make up false stories which are shared far and wide can be very damaging to people’s reputation. People can easily become frustrated by untrue stories and facts circulating which do not accurately reflect them or their performance.

Political Inaccuracies

Inaccuracies being shared with the general public on social media is most prevalent within politics. The Brexit referendum in 2016 was plagued with lies being shared far and wide across social media which had a profound impact on the overall vote. This can be hugely influential with regards to how people’s opinions can be swayed. If the facts which are shared online vary drastically with the truth then people can easily be likely to change their political opinion as a result of the false stories which are circulating. If people believe these stories to be correct this can have a profound impact on their voting intentions which shows how powerful social media can be.