Man from the labour agency giving a speech about government in the temporary showroom.

Planning on holding a Government exhibition? Whether it is a national or local event, there will be both stages of planning to consider and limitations that may exist. We have put together a short guide on organising a governmental exhibition, with all of these stages and limitations in mind. From your budget to your labour agency, to your temporary showroom. We have everything you will need to know in advance of the event.

Holding Government Exhibitions

If you are preparing to hold a government exhibition then you will need to take into account many different factors. The most significant one coming to mind is definitely the budget for the event. Due to the nature of the exhibition being a public sector event, it can be expected that the budget will be increasingly tight. You need to be aware of this when you are planning every stage of the exhibition.

Another consideration that is specific for Government exhibition is ensuring you are within your rights to hold such an event. If the event is for electing candidates to parliament then there are limits to what can be spent in the campaign. For more local exhibitions, for example, a government-run exhibition on health or local facilities, there will be fewer limitations.

This temporary showroom has been hired for the labour agency and government's joint event.

Hire a Temporary Showroom

For any and all exhibitions, you will need to find a space you can use in the short-term for your exhibition. The temporary showroom you use will depend on what kind of event you are running. If you are planning on doing short speeches or similar, then you will need a temporary showroom with a PA system or perhaps a small stage. If it is more of an informational event, your temporary showroom can be a small, modern and local hall.

Ensure a Suitable Labour Agency is Involved

Next, you will need to think about staffing the event. For this, we recommend talking to a reputable labour agency who can provide staff to either serve drinks or check tickets on the door. The labour agency will almost always be able to provide staff for a whole number of different tasks. It will depend entirely on the nature of your event. It is worth getting in touch with a labour agency in the early stages of planning to ensure they have time to find suitable staff for a government event.

The labour agency served this coffee to those at the government exhibition in this temporary showroom.

Market to the Right Audience

What you need to do once the event planning stages are almost all in place, is ensure that your attendees know all about the event you are holding. Ensure that you market your government event to the people you want to attend. For example, if it is a talk between government and small businesses then you will need to market the event differently than if it was an event about the opening of a new primary school. Put some thorough thought into marketing as it will make or break the event.