Upgrade Your Windows

Upgrading your windows to double or triple glazing can significantly improve the security of your home. Double or triple glazing are much harder to break/smash which decreases the risk of break-ins. You should also make sure your windows include a lock, and that the lock is in working order to add that extra touch of security. Not to mention, if you have small children, ensuring your windows are secure is also an important factor for the sake of their own safety.

Add Lighting Outside

Adding lights to the outside of your home, especially sensory lighting, is another way to increase home security. Sensory lights will switch on when it detects movement so that you and the person outside your home is aware. You should be able to clearly see the outdoors from inside your house.

Add Cameras/Security System

If possible, it may be beneficial to add CCTV or an alarmed security system. This is especially encouraged if you have more than one entrance to your home. With cameras, you will be able to see who is coming near your home, and an alarmed security system is there to alert you of any attempted break-ins. Nowadays, you can link cameras and systems to your smart phone so that you can keep on top of your home’s safety even when you aren’t there.

Keep Valuables Out Of Sight

Keep electronics and valuable items away from windows and doors where you can see through. Items like these should always be kept away and out of sight. This includes wallets and money. Even though doors and windows may be locked, burglars may still look through windows to examine the room for any valuable items. Don’t take the risk, and keep them hidden.